Lyric Writers

People Who Influenced My Lyric Writing style

John Denver

Barry Manilow: Week End In New England

Bob Marley

Lionel Richie

Tracy Chapman

Elton John

Dolly Parton

Marvin Gaye

Kris Kristofferson:  Sunday Morning Coming Down

Burt Bacharach

The Beatles

There many others not listed here, it would take a lot of time to mention all of them so these are just a few.

In terms of Manilow and Kristofferson the songs I mentioned have made a lasting impression on me. Lionel Richie used to write for Kenny Rogers and I love those songs. Love Chapman’s lyrics and her folksy style. John Denver was the only person i know that could write a song about the Wind and make it relatable. I got his book”John Denver Anthology” and the audio for practically all the lyrics he has ever written. Bob Marley, the Jamaican who is beloved all over the world. His lyrics such as that of “Three Little Birds” has been used as a symbol of political struggle for people as far away as Germany. It is my understanding that when the Berlin Wall came down people stood in the spot and sang the words of “Three Little Birds”  for hours.  I  hope to write a political song or one that is seen as political, like him someday,  even if it one that was not  intentionally political,  like his “Three Little Birds.” I have all of his works. Dolly Parton makes my heart flutter, with her coat of many colors. Marvin gays had an unmatched  ability to write colorful lyrics about life, political struggles and love. Burt Bacharach’s sophisticated lyrics were written for and sang by some of the great  vocalist such as Dionne Warwick. The Beatles have Educated us all on how to do it. No style have been more studied than theirs.

I can only ask the question what’s in a song without good lyrics? Indeed, even if you can’t relate to it, it should be recognizable. Still,  I realize that tastes in everything is simply subjective.

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