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As the logo and welcome line suggested this is my personal music website. I am a  classically trained music artist in the elements  singing, songwriting, and lyric writing. I am also an educator, and a member of the Queens College Choral Society. I write in genres such as Jazz/ Blues, Pop, Slow Rock and Reggae and  I play both guitar and piano. I have a Bachelors Degree in Music and Education, a Bachelors Degree  Human Relations and Accounting, and a Masters Degree in Urban Studies. I have a small music production project studio in which I sing, write songs and turn mixes into what I call “Great Sounds of a Project Studio.” One of my strength is my lyric writing skills. Good quality vocals are great, but I am much more impressed if you have something interesting to say in your song. Subsequently, in showcasing my songs, I am also showcasing my lyric writing skills.

I started this website in order to showcase my music and writing skills. Therefore I on the site you will find the many melodies and lyrics  that I have written. These songs not professionally mastered. They were simply produced with Sibelius and Protools Music writing software, and  in what I have come to call my project home studio. Specifically, you can find my music, to the left of this page, under MySong Audio: Listen.  Simply click on any link as seen beneath the record symbol and you will be instantly connected to what I call “Great Sounds of a Project Studio.”  If you are interested you can find the genre in which each song is written here

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My other aspirations are in advocacy and activism and I hone in on my degree in Urban Studies to synthesize  matters of social and political issues of the day and offer my insight about them. I do this in my  blogs, which are also found on this site.  Ultimately, there are lots of  features to this site. Just check out the menu at the top of the page. Please note that all the blogs have the audio files to the right of the page, which means you can browse while you enjoy the music.  While there are a minimum of audio posted here, there are many more available so if you see some lyrics and you are curious about the music please ask for the audio in your feedback, and i will gladly put it on the site.

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Great Sounds of a Project Studio

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